Saturday, 30 April 2016

Forum on special educational needs - creating positive inclusive learning opportunities

Session details:Special educational needs: let's celebrate diversity and inclusion in learning
Phil Dexter
We all have learners who have difficulty in achieving and many are diagnosed/identified as having special educational needs. These cover a multiple range of needs which we label as special educational needs. These labels are often not helpful and in this session I will present an approach which celebrates positive diversity and inclusion in learning.

International students with specific learning differences: implications for universities
Sharon Noseley (De Montfort Universtiy)
As British universities welcome international students, many EAP/EFL tutors ask why some students are successful whilst others appear to struggle. This presentation will consider typical staff room questions such as, is this due to English proficiency levels or a specific learning difference, such as dyslexia? Support for these students will be explored based on evidence from my dissertation research.

Differentiation for special needs: practical ideas for the classroom
Sophie Farag (The American University in Cairo)

Inclusive learning gives equal opportunities to all students and requires the teacher to address the individual needs of each student, including those with special needs. However, this can prove challenging for the teacher. This presentation gives practical ideas to differentiate tasks in an English language classroom to allow learners with varying needs to reach their full potential.

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